At the Y, we believe that positive change comes about when we invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors. The 177257683Tri-Town YMCA looks forward to joining with community leaders to further strengthen the community for decades to come. In pioneering healthier communities, our goal is to:

Develop community environments rich in healthy choices and supportive of the pursuit of health and well-being.

Going beyond events and programs to create change at the policy and environment level is what makes our initiatives unique. Policy level change requires the hard work and dedication of key decision makers across all sectors of our community.

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Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

To support these plans Tri-Town Y has

  • Encouraged walking groups through its web links to local walking groups,  indoor walking venues & more
  • Introduced geocaching, an outdoor treasure hunt encouraging hiking outdoors, & made equipment/training available at no cost to the community
  • Collaborated with Hope House in reducing stress for homeless families through a donation of portable fitness equipment, Yoga DVDs, and after school care
  • Gave portable fitness equipment to local employers to incentivize workplace wellness
  • Led community forums with local and national experts to discuss “Weight of the Nation”

 Preventing Early Onset Diabetes in Our Youth

  • Originated a model policy for youth programs establishing healthy eating & physical activity standards and a strong staff role modeling component
  • Collaborated with the local school district to translate the Y’s “Creating Healthy Habits at Home”  materials into Spanish, making it more accessible to all families; and ensured its broad dissemination through schools, libraries, community organizations
  • Established the practice of  energizing breaks  for youth at local schools
  • Strengthened Y before & afterschool program by contracting with the school food service provider for dietician approved healthy snacks;  Increased physical activity and  reduced screen time to educational and physically  interactive programs