healthy living

The team of Lombard community leaders working in tandem with Tri-Town include leaders from the following organizations:

DuPage Medical Group, FORWARD Coalition/DuPage County Health Department, Glenbard East High School, Healthy Lombard, Lombard Chamber of Commerce, Lombard Town Centre, Lombard-Villa Park Religious Leaders Network, School District 44, Village of Lombard – City Management, Community Development, Park District, Police, Public Works, West Suburban Dietetic Association, and Yorktown Center management. Leaders are also representative of civic organizations such as Lombard Rotary, Lombard Kiwanis, and Lombard Lions.

Assessment results have enabled these Lombard community leaders to develop a community action plan, and to chart a course for policy and environmental change strategies, identifying and removing barriers to healthy eating and physical activity, and expanding opportunities for healthy living:

Promoting active transportation (biking, walking, public transportation) by removing obstacles to biking or walking to school and other important destinations; and by adding or enhancing bike lanes and trails.

Increasing physical activity by improving the availability of facilities for open gyms and indoor walking for all age groups, and encouraging walking groups for all age groups.

Increasing access to fruits and vegetables by bringing resources (curriculum, tools, supplies) to private and public after school, preschool, childcare providers, schools, and families, and working with local food pantries to increase access for low income families.