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A Tri-Town YMCA Adventure Guides & Princesses Bring Dads and Kids Together

Informational Meeting September 18th

For all dads out there who struggle to balance work and family time, spending quality time with their kids can become quite a challenge. Thankfully the Y offers their Adventure Guides program to help connect dads with their children.

The purpose of the YMCA Adventure Guides Program is to foster understanding and friendship between a parent and a child. This program is designed for dads to spend quality time with their children one on one doing activities like campouts, hayrides, parades, and pool parties. Dads join fellow dads with kids age 5-12 (grouped by the child’s gender and age) to form a “circle”. Once a month, each circle holds a monthly meeting at a circle member’s house (or local church or school) and the dads do an activity with their kids.  Beyond the activity are all the rituals and traditions that have been bringing continuity, community, and magic to the Tri-Town YMCA program since 1966.

Several circles make up an Expedition. Several times a year the Expeditions will have special events like a campout.   The Y-Princess Expedition is for dads and daughters in K-5 grade and the Y-Guides Expedition is for dads and sons in K-5 grade.  The Y-Trailblazer Expedition is for parents with kids Gr. 6 and older.   Together these Expeditions form the Tri-Town Federation.  (Tri-Town YMCA has renamed their Federation the Tri-Town Federation instead of the historic Two Rivers Federation to avoid confusion with a new organization that was formed in June of 2015 with a similar name.)

As a member of YMCA Adventure Guides, you will have the opportunity to develop a stronger relationship with your child and build friendships with others with whom you’ll participate in activities like games, camping trips, fun ceremonies, outings, and other family adventures. Throughout this journey, the Adventure Guide compass points – family, nature, community, and fun will provide a sense of direction and inspiration that will help strengthen the bond between parent and child. The program runs from September through May with a cost of $25 per Dad and $10 per child (cost of outings separate).

The Tri-Town YMCA will be holding a FREE informational Adventure Guides and Princess Kickoff dinner on Friday, September 18, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at the Lombard Lagoon at Marcus Drive and Grace St. in Lombard. The dinner will include a chance to talk about plans for the upcoming year. Come learn what the Y Adventure Guides is all about.

For more information about the YMCA Adventure Guides program or to register, please visit our website www.tritownymca.org, or call Joanne or Kelly at 630-629-9622.