Tri-Town YMCA does work with and accepts the Illinois Department of Human Services’ Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) that is administered locally by the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago located in Addison. CCAP helps income-eligible parents pay for child care while they work or go to school.

A family is considered income-eligible when the combined gross monthly income of all family members is at or below the amounts listed below for the corresponding family size. In two-parent families, both incomes must be combined to determine eligibility. Two-parent families include those with 2 or more adults living in the home, such as the applicant and his or her spouse or parents of a common child in the home.

2 People $2,847 $34,164
3 People $3,620 $43,440
4 People $4,367 $52,404
5 People $5,114 $61,368
6 People $5,860 $70,320
7 People $6,607 $79,284
8 People $7,354 $88,248
9 People $8,100 $97,200
10 People $8,847 $106,164

*Indicates 200% of Federal Poverty Level.

To qualify for the Illinois Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance program:

  • First, use the Eligibility Calculator to see if you may qualify for child care assistance. Remember to use your GROSS monthly income in the calculation.
  • Next, you will want to find a child care provider who will be willing to accept CCAP funding. If you would like a list of providers in your area please call us at 630.790.6600. When you call, follow the prompts and select Early Childhood Services (Option 3). There will be additional prompts for providers (Option 1) and clients (Option 2).
  • Once you have identified your child care provider, you will need to complete a CCAP application with the provider such as Tri-Town YMCA. You may either email or drop off your completed application with applicable materials to Tri-Town YMCA. Tri-Town will complete their section of the application and then they will scan and email it to YWCA and copy you on that email.
  • A completed and approved application with required documents will be used to determine eligibility. Please allow ten business days from the day of receipt by YWCA for your application to be assigned to a caseworker and reviewed.
  • You will receive a determination notification by mail from YWCA and Tri-Town YMCA will be copied on this notification.
  • Monthly copays are due on the first of every month and are to be paid to Tri-Town YMCA. Cash, check, money order, or credit card will be accepted. Copays not paid by the first of every month or credit card payments that are declined or checks that are returned may be subject to penalty fees.
  • If you are already approved for CCAP, but are changing providers, please contact your caseworker at YWCA for a Change of Provider Form. Once you have your Change of Provider Form, please email your completed portion to Tri-Town YMCA and we will complete our portion and submit it via email to YWCA and copy you on the email.

CCAP Application in English (file will only open in Internet Explorer browser)

CCAP Application in Spanish (file will only open in Internet Explorer)

Change of Information Form (this form is to be used to add children, change your address, etc. If you are adding/changing providers, please contact your caseworker at YWCA for a Change of Provider Form)

To learn more information about CCAP, please visit YWCA Metropolitan Chicago or call them at 630.790.6600. 

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